It’s a broad remit yet we specialse in our solutions. By promoting innovation in the development process, we aim to create outcomes that deliver surprise and delight to the customer experience. We lead rather than follow.

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As part of our services to F&B clients we provide advice and sales of equipment to suit their requirements. From designing a bar with a fit out of the latest in top of the range equipment, to helping a smaller café with a single group espresso machine. We can source equipment from all manufacturers from all over the world upon request. Currently we have some special offers on the Nuova Simonelli T3 espresso machine that is used in the World Barista Championship.

We offer a full range of training services to our clients in F&B. This includes manual and espresso based baristas across a comprehensive range of equipment and menu items.


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We are pleased to have worked with some of the leaders in F&B and partnered on world-class coffee solutions; from equipment procurement, menu design, staff training, wholesaling beans, rebranding product and showcase events.

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